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ISO22000 certification of food safety management system

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   With the development of economic globalization and the improvement of social civilization, people are paying more and more attention to the safety of food; the organizations that require production, operation and supply of food prove that they have the ability to control the hazards of food safety and the factors that affect the safety of food. The expectations of the customers, the responsibility of the society, and the organization of the food production, operation and supply gradually realize that there should be a standard to guide the operation, guarantee and evaluate the management of food safety. This call for the standard encourages the    production of ISO22000:2005 standards. The ISO22000:2005 standard is not only the guiding standard for describing the requirements of the food safety management system, but also the basis for the organization certification and registration for the production, operation and supply of food.
   It expresses the common requirements in food safety management, rather than specific requirements for any kind of organization in the food chain. This standard applies to all organizations in the food chain who want to establish a food safety system, regardless of their size, type and products they provide. It is suitable for producers of agricultural products, animal feed manufacturers, food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. It also applies to food related equipment suppliers, logistics providers, packaging materials suppliers, agricultural chemicals and food additives suppliers, food service providers and restaurants.
   The company has been audited by HACCP and ISO9001 in -2011 in 2005 and has been at a high level over the years; the company has been at a high level from the ISO22000:2005 audit in 2012.
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