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     "Xiangpai shiok" is a self-developed brand of Tianyun International Holding Co., Ltd. (6836. HK), which is listed in Hong Kong. It is jointly produced and sold by its domestic subsidiaries.

   "Xiangpaishiok" takes sports health as its concept, which can not only quickly refresh and resist fatigue, but also supplement various vitamins. Taurine, guarana extract, fruit juice and B vitamins are the main raw materials of this product, which can activate the energy metabolism of human body, play the role of restoring physical strength, supplementing energy and anti fatigue, especially suitable for people with excessive mental and physical consumption.
   "Xiangpai" does not add preservatives, synthetic caffeine and other ingredients with age and other restrictions on drinking, so "xiangpai" vitamin sports drink has no age and other restrictions on drinking.


   At the same time, "xiangpai" uses low sucrose and other natural health raw materials to reduce the intake of high calorie substances. The overall product design formula is to consider the demands of modern people for health food.
   Purified water, sugar and food additives (citric acid, citric acid, edible flavors (including melon extract), potassium chloride, three sucralose, lemon yellow, allure red, taurine, nicotinamide, vitamin B6, vitamin B12.


   Taurine can scavenge free radicals, reduce the production of MDA, maintain the physical and chemical properties of cell membrane, reduce fatigue and promote the recovery of fatigue. At the same time, taurine also participates in the metabolism of carbohydrate, promotes the intake and utilization of carbohydrate and amino acids by muscle cells, accelerates the rate of sugar fermentation, increases the concentration of gluconeogenesis substrate, promotes glycogen synthesis and improves exercise ability "Guarana" is rich in glucose, amino acids and fatty acids, which can be decomposed into energy forms in the cytoplasm, and then moved to the mitochondria of the energy production line to facilitate ATP synthesis, in order to make the cells continuously activated, maintain the balance of electrolytes, and maintain the stability of cell membrane. There must be a lot of energy (ATP), and guarana can provide the necessary ATP; juice contains many natural nutrients, which can supplement the body's water, sugar and minerals consumed by sports and life activities, It plays a certain role in maintaining the balance of water, liquid and electrolyte in the body. At the same time, different fruit juices are also suitable for the taste diversity of different consumers. B vitamins are the key substances in the process of sugar metabolism, and the energy required by the muscles and nerves of the body is mainly provided by sugars. If B vitamins are sufficient, the nerve cells are full of energy, which can effectively relieve tension and fatigue.
  "Xiangpai shiok party" vitamin sports drink product series is based on the concept of sports health, with fresh and delicious taste. The brand name "xiangpai shiok party" is based on the feedback from everyone in the research and development stage, which means enjoying, refreshing and palatable. It is also different from other similar products, suitable for all ages of consumer groups. Based on the theory of modern nutrition and sports medicine, the product is scientifically formulated with taurine, guarana extract, fruit juice and B vitamins as the main raw materials to help start the energy metabolism of human body, restore physical strength, supplement energy and resist fatigue. It is a fast refreshing and vitamin supplement health drink, which conforms to the fast pace of life in modern society, It is especially suitable for people with high mental and physical consumption The "shiok party" series drinks do not contain synthetic caffeine, no preservatives, low sucrose and other natural healthy raw materials, which can reduce the intake of high calorie substances. The formula is in response to the demands of urban people for healthy food.

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